I would like to praise God for the SBC conference. It was simply amazing. The presence of God was extremely extremely powerful. God definitely showed up. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit move through out the people and minister powerfully. I thank God that I received my breakthrough.God broke through for me in areas that previously I have struggled for years in. No.more! He has broken through for me and I am never ever going back. Hallelujah! I also want to thank God for pastor olu. Wow! The anointing emulating from him was powerful. The Lord used Him in a mighty way and I thank God for his life. Thank you Lord that you indeed rule in the affairs of men and you are the divine orchestrator. Thank you Father for your love in orchestrating this conference for your people. I am very grateful and thankful. I love you Lord. Thank you rhomi ministries. I am eagerly anticipating and looking forward to spec Ajax. Praise God forever more..... Tremaine Nembhard

Sir, I am so grateful to God for knowing you. It's a big blessing to me, I am so grateful. I visited this site and it was awesome, so much to read and study, I am so blessed. I spent almost all the midnite eating rich words from your site. Infact sir, it's awesome, I bless the Lord. Please sir, allow me use some of your notes to encourage some of my friends out there, I was blessed, I also need them to be blessed too. Once again, I value this relationship, and I am forever grateful to God and you sir, God has given you to me, I need a man like you sir to learn from you and also as a father. The messages I read make new meaning to me and the fire of prayer fell on me. I have bein lifted, no matter they say, no association leaves a man the same, I have so much to learn from you sir, thanks for adding me as a friend on FB, I am favoured sir knowing you. Thanks for everything, God bless you. Greetings to your family...... Femi Olumekun

The presence of God was so strong in the service today and I want to give thanks to the Lord for scattering the voice of the enemy. I received a Word from the Lord two weeks ago and demonic birds have been trying to steal it. I was doing my best to hold on to it by praying, speaking and confessing. By the end of the second week I was feeling weary and it seemed like my mind was under attack. This morning Pastor Vicki was calling for anyone who needed healing and then she called for anyone under satanic attack in the mind and I knew the Lord was speaking to me. I went out to receive and I sure did. Pastor Vicki laid hands on my head and I immediately felt the anointing fill my entire mind it was like an inflow of peace it was amazing. Then I felt God's love cover me like a blanket and I only wanted to worship Him. The Lord is so amazing, His mercy and love endures forever. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, BUT the Lord delivers us from them ALL!...... Laure Willis

I want to thank God for the word over your body video. Prior to this ministry I never really spoke over it, but through practical teaching from RHOMI ministries I learnt how to. I recently saw something like a wart starting to grow on my finger. Automatically I began to speak over it and command it to leave. Glory to God the next day, the bump was gone!!! Amanda Foster

A week ago, I went out for prayer because I was experiencing some numbness on my left hand and leg and I asked Pastor Vicki to pray for me because I was taking this as a sign of old age which made her smile . I did not tell her about the previous pain I was having in the same feet that I was already declaring over , so she prayed over me and I fell under the anointing. Immediately after falling all the pain and all the discomfort in my hand, leg and feet left me. PRAISE THE LORD!!!...... Shawnette James


AT 6.00pm


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