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Centre for Women Development and Healing (CWDH) is designed to strengthen faith and  provide spiritual insight on how to overcome women's life issues and challenges.

It is all about MINISTERING TO THE TOTAL WOMAN.....Being the best Daughter, Woman, Friend, Mother, Wife and Leader you can ever be through Revelation, Impartation and Empowerment

Women's life challenges occur at 4 major stages of growth and development.

Starting from the teen years, ladies confront image crisis, and then relationship/emotional issues; this is followed by economic/settlement issues in their adulthood and then health issues later on in life.

One issue may lead to the other, but getting it right early in life can provide the platform to deal with all of the major women life-conflicts, and then settle you to enjoy life at full potentials....

You as a woman, you are divinely packaged to overcome all life challenges through the knowledge of the Son of God.

The Women's Conferences are held around the world in cooperation with other ministries and notable Women Ministers

It is a ministry geared towards breaking imposed limitations, traditions and religion on womanhood. Women are co- heirs and are not in anyway disadvantaged in the realm of the spirit. Since there is no gender barrier in sickness, pain, ache etc, there should therefore not be a gender limitation in status and power of the Holy Spirit.

Gender has nothing to do with spiritual strength, authority and maturity. Oh Woman, you are equally a son of the Almighty Father destined for glory.

CWDH is a centre for learning and contributions.. Please make your impact.....YOU ARE WELCOME.


Rev. Vicki Olu-David