You and Your Body


( Excerpt from Rev Vicki David's message -June 25 2012)

A.    The Essence of Beauty

The essence of beauty is to attract. The body is made for attraction. Genesis 2:22-23.

God’s plan for you when you were born is to be called beautiful. Sarah at age 75 was called beautiful and so should you at age 80. You are not a sex symbol but you are made to be attractive. Genesis 12:14.

Your body is to bring commendation. God looks on the inside but men look at the outward. And this is why you need to bring forth your beauty. You as a believer should pull men up with your beauty.

There is a misconception about beauty and attraction. People think beauty is clothes, jewellery, makeup, etc. But all these are attractive things that contribute to your beauty.

Beauty is the way you walk, smile, you are cheerful, your countenance/disposition; it comes from within. And if you take care of your beauty you won’t need to focus too much on attraction.

Many neglect their beauty and spend more on attraction, so they buy the expensive clothes, makeup, anything being advertised on TV and Billboards.  But God wants you to take care of your beauty so you do not have to spend too much on attraction.  When you allow your beauty to go down, you will need plastic surgery and all manner of cosmetics and they are expensive; but if you begin from now to place value on your beauty and teach your female children about the beauty God has given them then neither you nor them will need to spend money where it is not needed.

Every beautiful woman is naturally attractive but not all attractive women are beautiful.

Beauty is the inner thing that makes you glow but once the natural beauty is lost you might have to spend more on artificial attraction.

The essence of your beauty is to attract but when it draws men you need to be equipped to make them stay.

B.     Enemies of your body

1. Sickness and diseases

-Most sickness and disease make you look pale and dull and some make you smell. Smell is not something you want around you, because it takes away from your beauty and attraction.

-Depression takes away your skin colour and your inner glow.

Your body needs to be healed, it needs to be healthy so don’t give yourself an excuse for sickness, diseases, depression because Christ has given you dominion over sickness. Most sickness and diseases can be prevented.

2. Obesity

-Excess weight is a hiding place for sickness and disease. When you put on excess weight, your movement both outward and inward becomes slow. It can cause pain in your body and joints. Excess weight is an enemy of your body. Fight the excess weight.

3. Disfigurement

- There are some disfigurement you can’t help like the ones caused by accidents, burns etc. But others like acne, pimples, blackheads can be prevented and managed.

4. Odour

-Bad smell from the armpit, mouth, feet, hair, body odour, overused wigs and weave should be avoided. Know your body well and use products that will not fight against your natural body chemistry.

5. Stress

-Avoid stress as much as possible. Stay away from anything that stresses you, because it weighs you down and robs you of your beauty. Recall that your beauty is in your smile, walk etc and stress will affect this; you become angry, bitter, impatient, touchy and irritable, and you stab at yourself and others.

Stress can come from financial issues, relationship issues, work etc You can believe God for rest at work, in your homeand to give you obedient children that won’t stress you out. It’s better to stay single and at peace than to be married and stressed. If you are in a relationship that is already stressing you out and you are not married, you better take a pause and try to work it out before getting married because if you don't it will only be magnified in marriage.

6. Drugs

-Harmful drugs like cocaine and marijuana, abuse of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs affect you and your children. Alcohol affects your child if you are pregnant and can bring sickness to your child. So why drink and smoke and affect your child that had nothing to do with your drinking and smoking

If you have issues with drugs and alcohol then ask God to set you free and sign yourself in for a proven and tested program that will help you if necessary. God gave us this body for his Glory

7. Careless Sex

-Careless Sex destroys the body. It makes you look older than your age. It exposes you to sexually transmitted diseases. Trying to find love in the hand of a boy by giving him your body destroys you and doesn’t make him love you in fact it frees him from you. Only God can love unconditionally

Women naturally slack off when they are depressed, stressed, pregnant, sick etc and so punish their body for what they are going through. They binge eat, stop taking care of their body. Watch out for this and resist the temptation to let yourself go.

C.    How to take care of your body

It is your responsibility to take care of what God has given you

  1. As a believer you have to learn to speak over your body every day. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak. Speak what you want to see. Say things like I’m healed, I’ve lost weight, I'm beautiful etc. It’s better to speak over your body than to speak about it or against it. God’s word works. Quote and meditate on scriptures. [1Peter2:24, Psalms 103:1-5, Romans 8:1-2]


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