Divorcing Self

Relationships are very delicate issues and most times we approach it at different points of views. Most times the solution to relationship issues can be extremely relative. This is due to the fact that we are unique individuals. We are all unique from creation and God made us different and yet one. However one thing is certain, a grand solution to almost all relationship issues, and the key principal to having the best in all relationships: That is dying or divorcing yourself. The bible makes it clear; marriage requires divorce from self:

Romans 7:24

“wherefore my brethren ye also have become dead to the law by the body of Christ that you should marry to another………………………………….”

As it is  in this above scripture, to be married to Christ you must die to the law, so it is  also in a natural marriage. If you must be successfully married to another you must  get a divorce from yourself. The dividing  line between love and lust is self. Lust puts self first. Lust can never be satisfied.  Whenever we ask God for a marriage or a life partner,  do not be surprised if He purges you of self first so you can become marry-able.


1.       Self seek to exert pressure and demand on the other party.

2.       Self seek to , blame , put others down.

3.       Self rejoices at the fault, weakness and failure of others.

4.       Self will rather take than give.

5.       Self seek his or her own first.

6.       Self  care less if others  are hurting.

7.       Self frowns at healthy correction or criticism.

8.       Self seek competition, exaltation over others and etc

Self is what  is wrong with your relationship,  If you will get yourself out of the way , then you will have a great  fellowship. Jesus Chris is the doctor for selfishness, self-centeredness, self-consciousness, self-pride, self-delusion and all of self disease.


1.       Speak more of your partner than you speak of yourself

2.       Give more to your partner than you give to yourself.

3.       Abase/ humble  yourself before your partner first before displaying your humility to the world.

4.       Think of your partner before you think of yourself.

5.       Defend your partner before you defend yourself.

6.       Blame yourself before you blame your partner and etc