The Singles Forum is an outreach designed to create an atmosphere of love where singles can interact, connect and learn.

When singles find grace to manage and enjoy their singleness they transit very well into partnership life and marital status.

The forum is an impartation of wisdom on how to identify love, breed it, maintain friendship and relationship, and develop connections.

The impact has been tremendous and the testimonies keep flowing. Below are some of the praise reports from the last forum.






Thank God for the word He sent forth last night at the Singles Forum. Mama I thank God for your life and your dedication to kingdom work. I was so blessed by the seven steps to choose who to marry. I thank God for using you in such a mighty way last night. His presence was so strong washing over me as you prayed for wisdom for relationships. The Holy Ghost really ministered to me as you spoke of breeding love and not fights. He opened my eyes and gave me correction. But it was such a sweet correction bred from love. May God continue to increase you Mama. I love you!



Thank you Lord for the amazing singles forum we just had. The Lord was truly there from the beginning to the end. I was tremendously blessed by the mama ministrations. Today the Lord opened my eyes on ways to maintain relationships. Mama taught us not to move from appreciation to expectation in any relationship, that can breed contentious and fighting in the relationship. Another point that blessed me was how mama taught us that a conversation does not have to have an opposite end, you don't have to go to the opposite end to have a good conversation in fact you are destroying the conversation. You don't have to oppose every thing that the other person says, you don't have to find a negative to every conversation. I thank God for using mama to teach me these things tonight and I know in his presence I received wisdom to do my relationship better. Thank you Mama for your labour of love.

Thank you Jesus for your love, mercy and kindness. Thank you so much Mama for your words of wisdom and revelation on how to build and maintain relationships. I am so grateful to God for your life and for Papa's life. I bless you and you're a blessing to this generation xoxo