Thank God for the singles forum last night. It really blessed me. I left with a new hope and strength. One thing Mama said was it doesn't matter what your relationships were like in the past tonight is a fresh start, from tonight you can begin to do better. I really thank God for that and for using Mama is such a unique way to bring such wisdom in a way that everyone could receive and begin to walk in. Thank God so much for your life Mama and for this ministry.



Thank you Father for the presence of your spirit last night, I appreciate your visitation. Thank you mama for the revelation that you shared last night and allowing us partake of the wisdom that has been so greatly bestowed upon you. I love God's Word, no matter how many times you may hear the same thing it is always new, refreshing, and strengthening. I believe that the piece that I needed to propel me to the next level in relationships, ministry, and understanding I received last night. Thank you, it was truly a blessing.



Tonights forum was amazing the presence of the Lord was powerfully there. The insight into relationship building was practical and powerful. You have the ability to cultivate the kind of relationship you want through the appreciation and choosing to focus on the good instead of the negative. Thank God for you Mama this forum was a blessing.



Wow! What an amazing night! The Centre for Women Development and Healing forum was packed with God's presence and wisdom. I thank God for using you Mama. What was shared tonight was everyday living, breeding love. You can either breed love by appreciating, holding your tongue, agreeing or breed fight by always sharing negative comments, reacting to a situation, moving from appreciation to expectation. One thing that Mama said that really stood out was, “don’t throw sand over your conversation.” Simply holding your tongue from saying that negative comment breed’s love. It’s quite easy to react or say that negative thing, but thank God for the Holy Ghost who is my helper and wisdom. Thank you Lord!



Thank God for this ministry. It is really an extension of God's love for people. The singles forum yesterday was amazing. The word spoke really brought light and understanding. God really showed me some issues in me. I am grateful for everything The Lord did last night. Thank God for you Papa and Mama



I Thank God for The Singles Forum was amazing! Mama and Laure touched on so many necessary topics. That ppl have misunderstood for years. The word brought forth shined light on every wrong idea about relationships and communication. So many questions were answered. Thank U



Thank you Lord for the singles forum. I was so blessed. If your willing there is always something to learn. I enjoyed the forum so much, the information that was brought to the table, wow. I appreciate this ministry so much it teaches you how to get it right of the on set. The wisdom and knowledge Mama shared last night will ensure many will have healthy lasting relationships. The whole night was a blessing the presence of God was so tangible ministering to everyone there. I'm so happy I went, whenever Rhomi ministries has a conference I love to go, I never come out empty and this night was no different. I learned a lot, thank you Jesus and thank you Mama and Papa the wisdom on your life is priceless!