YOU AND YOUR SEXUALITY (Excerpts of the Message)

 Sex means different things to different people. To some sex is food, it's like a daily need. To some it's a tool to control others; to gain the upper hand. You may think you are controlling people especially boys/men/husband but if it's not in the context that the Lord will have you use it you are the one being controlled still.

Furthermore, to some sex is for making money, and for some it's for pleasure they just enjoy it. To some it means nothing that's why they do it with anyone, anywhere, anyway; it means nothing to them.

All these mindsets about sex and sexuality stem from somewhere. There is a root behind it. To some it's bondage; they have it but they don't like it because it's tied to some form of experience. To some it's to return a favor, it means nothing that's why you can have people who are sex mates. They are not going out, they are not dating but whenever they feel the pressure they call each other.

And to those who have been rightly taught, sex is something to be treasured, valued and enjoyed; a tool of bonding and cleaving with their spouse; a weapon to chase out satan and darkness from their home.


All these perceptions about sex come from somewhere. If there is anything that has been used, misused, damaged, perverted it is this thing called sex. It has ruined lives. It looks so harmless like it’s nothing but yet it controls many things. It has messed up families. Even some ministries have not been spared. This sex thing has brought some ministries down to the ground just because the pastor couldn't control himself when he/she was tempted.

Homes have been split because of sex. You can call it fornication, you can call it adultery but the bottom-line is that sex that looks so inconsequential and means nothing; that could be nothing to some people, food to some, and control to some others is the same thing that the enemy has used to destroy lives, to offset destinies, to throw people out of their homes and even out of jobs. Many people have lost things because they don't know how to use it.

            Everything God gave and created is good but if misused can lead to demotion and destruction. It's like food. Food is good but we know that too much eating can cause organs to fail. In the body it can cause all kinds of sicknesses if it's overdone. Even sleep can be too much. Everything that God gave is good but it has to be used in the context with which God made it, God ordained it, God provided it or God gave it to be used, and sex is just one of them.

Why has the devil perverted sex so much? Why is he trying to destroy the whole world with sex? In the book of Revelations, Jesus Christ was talking about a woman called Jezebel how she has polluted the whole world, corrupted kings and priests with her fornication.  (Rev. 2:20-24)  That's not talking about a human being it's talking about the spirit that rules the world. Jesus said I have waited for her to repent but she hasn't repented so I will cast her upon the bed of great tribulation or affliction, I will cast her upon the sick bed, because this thing called sex that God made has been perverted by the enemy.

Why do you think the devil is so interested in destroying the world using sex; and especially the woman? 
Sex is tied to the heart of a woman. Sex is tied to the inner being of a woman. It is different for a man. While sex is tied to the heart of a woman, sex is tied to the head of a man. Since sex is tied to the inner being of a woman the devil knows that if he wants to mess with a woman he can mess with her heart, and how can he mess with her heart by messing with her sexual life.

Before a woman can have sex she has to have opened up. Before a woman can allow a man into her life into her privacy she opened up. I'm not talking of rape that is violation, but when it comes to sex it is tied to the inner being of a woman.

When a woman gets to a point where there is no more value then abuse has set in, misuse has set in. There is something wrong somewhere and the enemy knows that so what does he do? He makes women do things that they shouldn't do with their sexuality.

Before you were created before your mother and father thought of coming together God knew you and He formed you.


Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.  Jer.1:5


For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.Ps. 139:13(NIV)

There is something that makes you 'you' as a woman and that is what God wants you to value and treasure, because this thing called sexuality is what makes you a woman and what makes you attractive.  It's what makes you beautiful from within and from without. The enemy knows this so he tries to pervert it from when you are young. The sexual organ of a woman is tied to her heart, and she is different from a man because she has to open up for something to enter in. 
            As a child grows up, the child at a point becomes aware of their sexual organs, but doesn't really know what they're meant for;  young boys usually play with it. They start getting curious and want to know what it's meant for.

The truth is if you don't teach your child the right thing they will learn the wrong thing, because anyhow they will learn something about sex and their sexuality. If you don't teach your children properly it will be very easy for them to be influenced with the teachings that they will get from their teachers and friends in school.

Now teachers in elementary public school have been told to start teaching sexual preferences to children as young as 5 years old. So your child comes home one day and he is a boy but begins to act like a girl, you better start fasting, because the enemy has a way of setting them up.

What you have come up against is a stronghold. You have come against a principality right there, because what gave that child that impression is still present in school waiting for him or her.

It’s not a one time encounter; it’s there in the movies, it’s there in the media, it’s there in school, it’s there on the TV so when you begin to see your children acting like that do not take it for granted. Immediately begin to pray and fast and break strongholds, and make sure you are teaching your children the word of God, teaching them about their sexuality and who they really are, because the word of God is what tells you who you really are.

If they are healthily informed it will affect their relationship later on. Some people have abused and misused sex because of misinformation, because of what they heard growing up. Parents have to be spiritually alert to pick things up from their children.

When they say something alarming or wrong don’t let it pass. Sit them down right there and have a healthy conversation about what they just said. Try to use the right tone and words to make sure you don’t scare them so next time they will be comfortable in your presence. Be sure you use words to erase the words that put that impression in your child, because that impression, that information came by words.

 There are five points in a woman’s body that are the points of her attraction or her sexuality…

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