You and Your Heart


Proverbs 4:23

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life”


            Every person has the responsibility of keeping their heart. From the ages of 8- 10 females start having boy issues. A woman’s heart is very fragile and delicate. That’s why you will see that there are more woman’s hearts broken then men. Usually when men are having sex it’s more mental then it is of the heart, but a woman opens up and it involves her heart and emotions. Unless the woman has come to the point that she is now hardened sex is emotional for her. She looks at sex as a bonding time with the man but this is not the case with the man. That’s why women must know how to keep their heart with all diligence because out of it come the issues of life. The issues of life means the things that  pertain to your life; what your home will be like, the atmosphere that you will carry, how you will enjoy your school, career, life and relationships and what your finances will look like are all attached to your heart. God has given us the ability and the grace to keep and guard our heart with all diligence. Many people do not know how to guard their hearts. One thing is certain both God and the devil are interested in your heart. God knows what He can do with the heart of a woman in His hand and the devil knows what havoc he can cause if a woman’s heart is in his hand. Because of the frailty, weakness and delicate nature of a woman’s heart, men are able to play with a woman’s heart very easily. A woman will say “I will never marry that man” only to see that the same woman has married that man or she will say “Oh I will never have sex with him again” and then 9 months later she’s pregnant. The effects of these men on your heart will weigh you down and make you become hard, cold, tough and uncaring. But every lady must know that their heart is fragile and learn how to protect it.


Proverbs 9:13

“A foolish women is clamorous: She is simple, and knoweth nothing”


            It doesn’t take time for a woman’s heart to fail. That’s why we must protect our heart and keep it in a safe place where it won’t be messed with. A female who doesn’t know how to keep their heart is foolish, simple and doesn‘t know anything. This directly has to do with not having understanding of the way life works. Some women can put on a hard front but you will be surprised of how many women are weeping on their bed at night.

            There was a man who married 25 women at the same time and they all lived in England. None of them knew each other. When they all ended up meeting each other they were all convinced and persuaded that this man loved them. They didn’t even think that there was any other women. That is how simple women can be. The bible says “there is a spirit in man (Job 32:8)” which means that they may have sensed that something wasn’t right but overlooked it.

            You as a woman must know your own heart well. If a woman’s heart is so fragile you must know you need protection. A woman’s heart is deep, full of corners and has many rooms. Which means there’s space for lots of stuff and can be a storage centre. That’s why in an argument she goes to different rooms to go for more information.             Usually when a man gets saved, he’s saved, committed and sold out, but a women can put a veil upon her heart and the word of God will never touch her. She can hear don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers and 5-10 years later she will still be waiting on her unbeliever boyfriend to get saved. It will take God’s hand of conviction, trouble or the man will have to leave her before she realizes the truth. A woman can be so blinded that she doesn’t hear anything your saying. Everyone will be telling her not to keep that man or go somewhere but the woman has locked that room and won’t allow anything to penetrate there. It will take something drastic before she will know that she should have listened and been obedient. Let there be no compartment in your heart that God cannot reach and allow the Lord to enter into to every part. As women we must learn to be the most forgiving people on earth because of the sanctity of your physical and spiritual heart.


Ecclesiastes 7:26

“There is something more bitter than death, a women who’s heart is snares and nets and her hands as bands, and whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her but the sinner shall be taken by her.”


            As much as God can handle a woman’s heart and use her to be an Esther or an Abigail is the way the devil can hijack a woman’s heart and she can be used to kill, destroy, break down and mess up. This type of heart is scary; the man thinks he has found a wife but the woman is just using and playing with him. A woman married a man just to kill him so she could have his inheritance.


            One thing that will help your heart as a woman is taking care of yourself. The bible says “a merry heart does good like medicine”( Proverbs 17:22). That’s why you cant afford to not receive the joy of the Lord into your heart. The joy of the Lord has a way of transforming you and radiating through you. The joy of the Lord shows on your skin. Women who have bitter and angry hearts spend more money on make-up to make themselves look more beautiful. If you are not happy within it will reflect without. If when you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see you will always buy more make-up. Make-up can be used as a cover up of what’s happening within, but the make-up with never be enough.


Mat 15:18-19

“But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adultery, fornication, thefts, false witnesses and blasphemies”


Luke 6: 43-45

“ For a good tree bringeth no forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. A good man out the good treasure of His heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”


            A woman’s heart has to be clean all the time so that the toxic stuff can be cleared out. If you want good then your heart has to be good. A good heart produces a good environment and makes people want to talk to you. Some ladies are not the most physically attractive but all the boys are following them around. You may not be the most beautiful but a good heart makes you more attractive then the rest. There’s something that a good heart produces in the environment that draws good to you.


How do you get this heart that will draw good?/ How do you protect your heart?


1. The blessing of a good honest husband. Not just a husband but a good honest one. Some husbands can be disasters. You need a man who will tell you the truth, and you will find grace to receive it. He will tell you the truth about your children and yourself whether you want to hear it or not. A good honest man who will serve God with you, who will love you for who you are and who will not take advantage of you. God has all the good men in His hands. When women fall into such disastrous men’s hands it’s because there’s something in them that attracts these kind of men. If you keep attracting these type of men its because you need a new heart. Because out of the abundance of the heart are the issues of life. What you are drawing to you is because of the state of your heart. If you want good let good proceed from you.


2. You need God in your life. You need to be in a good church that will not preach religion and not make you comfortable in your sins. A church where you will learn to praise God even though you are not in church, one that will teach you how to meditate on the word and a church that will teach you the undiluted word of God. You can’t do it without God.


Ezekiel 36:26

“And a new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.”


            The heart of flesh is the good heart that attracts and draws good. It doesn’t matter where you are at when it comes to a relationship because God has said none shall lack their mates (Isaiah 34:16). Someone will love you the way God has made you. He might not have all the money or looks but you will know that it’s the right one.